What was the problem?

How to promotion individual Agents and Properties through social media. How do we agents achieve the greatest penetration to the largest demographic for the lowest cost?


What were the challenges?

Understanding exposure of ROI on print medium, MLS promotion and lead generation v Social media (FB and IG). Showcasing unique content exposure coupled with unique look-alike audiences, newsletters and targeted email campaigns.

What was the solution?

We expansed the breath of content. Thought leadership through blogs as well as explainer videos, property videos, VR tours, unique technology, HDR photos and candid interviews. Varied paid content and hashtag (#) targeted content with direct (@) targeted content to reach the demographic and businesses they were looking for.

Lead Generation by driving folks to the website of individual splash pages with a call to action.

The result was expanded brand recognition in terms of the agents and the individual properties - IG growth of over 300% in 4 months and properties sold at a 35%+ premium within 90 days.


What is Living Gallery?

We created a unique technology: Leveraging the way people shop today - through photos. The Living Gallery puts the VR walkthrough directly in the image. No longer a separate window. One image - 2 ways to view the property.


Unique Photo Flow

Taking an existing HDR photo and deconstructing some key items to draw eyeballs. Ideal for instagram.


Single Property Websites

Custom websites created for individual properties

KW Burlingame - Sold 400k over asking within 60 days. 


Paragon Real Estate - Sold 100k over asking within 90 days.  


HDR Photos