What was the problem?

Emotional content with a large vendor network. They were looking to increase there penetration in the digital realm as well as promote their services and vendors.

They are a well known brand in Napa and Sonoma Counties, but wanted to expand globally.

What were the challenges?

Large spread of vendor, locations and variety of services. Lack of emotion in the content they produced and poor utilization of all the vendors they have built a relationship with.

They also had a lot of pictures of the events themselves, but nothing about the process.

What was the solution?

Full revamp of their digital footprint – web, social presence and interaction with clients.

We changed the way they presented themselves online. They didn’t just show the events and venues, but showcased the interaction of the vendors, community engagement, local presence and knowledge. We also revamped their reputation management prompting their clients and even prospects to fill out referral forms related to an 600% increase in 5-star reviews.

We also introduced new technology – self-guided tours, VR walkthroughs and moved things to seamlessly work with mobile devices.

We lowered the cost of PPC with the utilization of large scale off-page SEO and back-linking. Blogs, unique content, videos, IG stories, photos, slideshows, events, happy hours, drone videos, etc.


Instagram Growth 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 7.19.49 PM.png

from 8000 in 7 months


Promo Video


360 VR Tour

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