What was the problem?

New startup to the Freelancing Marketplace industry with top competitors like Upwork, Freelancer.com, Thumbtack, etc.

Needed to grow user base for both freelancers and clients to create work for freelancers and grow use of Crypto Currency Boon Coin.

What were the challenges?

Starting with no users on platform and limited social media presence with no SEO built.

Tasked with providing strategy on organic growth, paid advertising implementation, blog development, email marketing, influencer marketing and content production. Mainly, starting from zero and growing a brand.

In addition, the Social media company pages were promoting the ICO and not just the freelancer platform which caused issues with marketing messaging.

What was the solution?

Take complete control of Strategy and Integrated Marketing Messaging.

Implemented marketing strategy through content production deployed with same messaging across digital channels to meet customers/clients where they were.

Using the different marketing channels (influencer marketing, email, social media, blog, etc) we were able to build the brand of Boon Tech and grow user base.

Developed key target customer personas to reach the exact client and freelancer that would benefit from the service of Boon Tech both in the freelancer platform and the use of Boon Coin.


Intro Explainer Video

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